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Some approach Valentine’s Day with hatred and utter disgust. Others approach it with tender love, gooeyness and gratitude. Meanwhile, the rest of us, really don’t give a damn. However, this weekend made me believe in the Day of Love. By believe, I mean, believe that if you put your mind to it, you can make an epic party out of any holiday. Next up? Flag Day, National Pizza Day, Tax Refund Day (just imagine all the dolla dolla bills y’all)…

In the spirit of the holiday, we did just that, and had an epic time at Might Get Weird & Medium Rare presents The Lovers Ball at House of Yes:

If you were in NYC last Saturday night, you know that it was unbearably cold. We’re not gonna lie, we may have ordered in a piping hot Papa John’s medium pizza, watched a rom-com marathon and debated about whether we wanted to get our lazy asses out the door and into the freezing cold. At any rate, we’d been looking forward to this glorious party all week, so how could we even begin to resist. Our NO FOMO will is seriously too strong.

Lucky for us, venturing into the dark cold night was well worth it. Embracing the corniness of V-Day, the Lover’s Ball was complete with balloon hearts, embellished costumes, and free condoms scattered throughout the venue. We applaud and admire House of Yes for being a venue that always puts in the effort beyond just music, and providing us with somewhat bizarre but enjoyable entertainment. Might Get Weird and Medium Rare coordinated the talents of several acrobatic and sensual dancers, including Lady Circus, while audiences gazed in awe. In addition to dancers, the place was decked out in playful and vibrant decorations to celebrate the love and warmth of all.

LoversBallthe lovers ball house of yes no fomo

The Deep always puts on a damn good show, and this night was no exception. Our local favorites, (including our star at the NO FOMO Launch Showcase), David Kiss, partied at the decks while spinning deliciously deep house and techno tracks along with NSR, Salinger, Luka Tacon, and The Level Party. The stage at House of Yes is amazing and unbeatable! Why? The towering, wide open stage gives audiences the rare opportunity to witness the joy and passion of their favorite DJ’s spinning while showcasing dedication to their music and the pleasure of entertaining. The Deep and friends danced all night on the stages and the bar, and everywhere in-between. Another bonus: The boys of The Deep came decked out in stellar V-Day attire, including stylish sunglasses and glamorous coats. That’s what’s we call real dedication to throwing parties.


Per usual, House of Yes housed beautiful folks who, in truth, made it a Single Gal’s dream (you know what I’m saying). Undeniably, it was a great spot to spend Valentine’s Day if you hadn’t already had a partner and even a great spot to snuggle and dance with your lover. Encouraged by the event planners, partygoers came embellished in sensational costumes and elaborate fancy dress. There we even prizes for the best dressed and raffles going on, taking it to the next level kind of party.

Our consensus? The Lovers Ball provided a well thought out party, complete with divine music, sexy people and unbeatable entertainment. A worthy V-Day indeed, it’ll be hard to top next year!


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Those looking for visual and audio stimulation simultaneously, and beautiful people of course, should give a House of Yes party a go.

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