Gryffin’s Debut New York Live Show at Bowery Ballroom


Gryffin Bowery no fomo

After following Gryffin’s catchy remixes of huge artists from Ariana Grande and The Weeknd to Years & Years and Whitney Houston for the past couple of years, I jumped on buying tickets for his first NYC show at Bowery Ballroom as soon as tickets were released. With no expectations, my partner in crime and I walked into one of my favorite small historic music venues this past Wednesday to his sold out show with wholesome curiosity of what this talented young producer would bring to his first live New York debut.

Gryffin Bowery no fomoGryffin Bowery no fomoGryffin Bowery no fomo
Sure enough, Gryffin wowed the mixed aged crowd with his deft movements between keyboards and electric guitar, animated disposition singing along to vocals of his remixed tracks, and the incorporation of special guests that featured an amazing electric violinist and two beautiful female vocalists. The high quality colored lights emblazoned the crowds as we watched Dan Griffith, the NYC based twenty-two-year-old classically trained pianist and guitarist, open up his exceptionally dynamic show with my absolute favorite track of his that I’ve played on repeat countless times since its release late 2014: the uplifting and danceable remix of BANKS’s “Beggin for Thread”.

Gryffin Bowery no fomo Gryffin Bowery no fomo Gryffin Bowery no fomo

For the following hour, Gryffin continued to perform his stellar remixes that have received heightened attention and millions of hits including Maroon 5’s “Animals” and Ellie Goulding “Burn, as well as his brand new released original track “Heading Home” featuring Aussie singer Josef Salvat. Once his heartwarmingly playful show came to a close, there was only one gift missing, which we anticipated he would bestow upon us during his encore. He certainly didn’t disappoint as he played the stunning remix of Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” to end the show.The crowds smiled, cheered, sang along and danced together to the perfect ending to Gryffin’s impressive debut.

Gryffin Bowery no fomo

The artist’s distinct approach of using true musicianship to produce his remarkable feel-good tracks with striking basslines and melodic progressions is indeed a breath of fresh air from the countless average DJ acts that appear on the EDM circuit these days. It’s just the beginning for the young and multi-talented Gryffin: he’s one to watch as this kid will undoubtedly take the EDM world by storm. Until we get to revel in another one of his live shows, let’s escape the preposterous northeast snowstorms by jamming out to his lovely “Winter Solstice” mix!




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